Thursday, February 26, 2015

Richard Thomas Davis

Richard Thomas Davis is one of the most incredible realists painting today. His details are infinitesimal, his ability to capture light hitting any surface is phenomenal. Realism to him is not just depicting a figure or object realistically - it is presenting reality as it plainly is, no fantasy or artifice, just reality -  perfectly rendered. Stupendous.
Basement Self Portrait - Richard Thomas Davis

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Daniel Sprick

Daniel Sprick is an American realist painter. He has an uncanny ability to capture colour and light in his paintings, but even more amazing is his ability to also depict depth and atmosphere. Mind blowing.
Vapor and Dusk - Daniel Sprick

Yellow Cloth - Daniel Sprick

Friday, February 13, 2015

Danielle Richard

Danielle Richard is an award winning French Canadian realist oil painter and pastel artist. She specifically focuses on capturing the essence of femininity. I appreciate her ability to capture quality of light, the tranquility that her art evokes and her fantastic skill in rendering the female human figure.
Eau qui dort - Danielle Richard

Friday, February 6, 2015

Julie Heffernan

Imagination. I marvel at paintings that exhibit such extraordinary imagination. I like abstract art, it appeals to me more on an emotional level, but I'm rarely amazed or astounded by it. Paintings like this offer so many intriguing aspects besides their sheer visual splendour, I can't help but say FANTASTIC!
Self portrait as a Broken Home - Julie Heffernan

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bruce Pashak

Bruce Pashak - a Canadian artist. Besides wonderful rendering and painting ability Bruce creates some amazing 3D lenticulars that take his work to a whole new dimension. They are enormous paintings that are shot with a 3D camera and transferred onto back-lit lenticular plexiglass. If you're not familiar with lenticular it is a corrugated surface that has an image on 2 sides of the corrugation, so that when the image is moved or in the case of these large pieces, when you walk by them, the image changes and seems to move. Such a cool idea ad so well executed - I loved these when I saw them at Art Toronto a few years ago.
What The Flowers Tell Me - Bruce Pashak

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega

La Bienvenida - Ricardo Fernandez Ortega

I keep discovering fantastic artists!

I am continually discovering fantastic artists creating images for us to enjoy, be stimulated and amazed by. In this blog I am going to post my thoughts and reflections on some of my favourite discoveries  from the past and present.

For instance: Greg Simkins of California USA

Incredible concepts rendered in acrylic paint. Rich in detail and imagination FANTASTIC!

Good Knight by Greg Simkins